Pushti Swadhyaya
Satsang Pariwar

Inspired by: Vaishnavacharya P.P. Goswami 108 Shri Varjrajkumarji Mahodayshree

Swadhyaya is a Sanskrit word that is used in Hinduism to signify the study of one’s self. The term comes from the Sanskrit roots sva, meaning “self” or “own,” and adhyaya, meaning “lesson,” “reading” or “lecture.” It can also be interpreted as coming from the root dyhai, which means “meditate” or “contemplate.” Both interpretations connote a close study of the self.  

Satsang is a Sanskrit term meaning “being in the company of the truth” or “right association,” and refers to a group of like-minded people who engage in a spiritual dialogue. The root words, sat and sanga, mean “true” and “community,” respectively; therefore, satsang may also be thought of as friendship or relationship with the truth itself.


kirtan Tibari

Pushtimarg Paath, Stotras and Pad gaan


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Pushtimarg Sahitya prepared in a chapter form for Swadhyay

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Pushti SwadhyaySatsang Pariwar

Pushti Swadhayay Satsang Pariwar is a weekly Satsang organized within a family to a maximum of four families. This Swadhayay Satsang is intended to help vaishnavs to understand the Pushtimarg Philosophies provided by Shree Vallabhacharya.

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